• Count: enumerates the number of persons
  • Keep track of: follows the movement of selected person
application energy saving

Assisted living

application assisted living
  • Recognize posture: the ability to differentiate a stand-up or lying down person
  • Identify gestures: generates an event depending on a simple and coded gesture made by one of the people


  • Manage security exclusion area (zoning): warms the system that one or several persons are located in a specific area
  • Manage virtual barrier (frontier/perimeter): informs about how many subjects are crossing the virtual barrier
  • Manage non respect of tailgating: returns warning when distance between two persons is not respected
application security

Interactive objects

application smart object
  • Detect: the ability to perceive human being and/or animal
  • Locate: returns the spatial location of identified persons

Case studies

Assisted living

« This is one of the most important request of our elderly persons: stay at home as long as possible. However several issues have to be taken into account to insure a descent and secure life to them? What about a non-invasive system that will call the first aid in case of fall in the kitchen? Is there a way to offer a reliable service to families who want to please their close relatives without being worried too much about what they can daily face? »

Marie H., CTO, Healthcare institute

Building facilities management

« Assume you want to optimize the overall building facilities energy consumption (from ventilation, lighting, to central heating and cooling), one may suggest to install simple movement detectors in each single room. But how will the system adapt the cooling system power and keep the temperature set point if suddenly the room is filled with 20 persons instead of only one? How can we anticipate a rapid variation of carbon dioxide emission? »

Samuel S., Marketing Manager, Electrical provider

Efficient advertising

« An advertising firm wants to reevaluate its price policy based on the number of people who really stands in front of the outdoor billboard. How can we have a more precise assessment of people passing by the billboard? »

Edward L., Innovation Director, Advertising Company

People counting

« People counting is a key function for several applications. Among them the retail shop. Newly appointed general manager, you want to know precisely how many people have entered your premises in order to establish a parallel with the people who bought. How can this be done with no comprises on private life respect? »

Sung E., Field Application Engineer, Counting solutions provider

Building security

« You are the reference of outdoor perimeter detection but you still need to reduce the unwanted security call to a mobile patrol when it is not necessary (for example ! an animal has breached the perimeter). How can we setup an efficient “doubt removal” system to lower the number of false detection? »

Esther F., CEO, Security systems manufacturer

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