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IRLYNX designs and sells advanced human activity sensing modules

We are a French start-up, based in Meylan, near Grenoble, that offers to interactive product makers new capabilities to sense, understand and characterize motion and behavior of their users in the perimeter of their systems.

Based on disruptive technology with thermal vision capability, IRLYNX products are simplest, more reliable and price compatible with high volume markets, allowing our customers to deliver new usages, news services and new experiences.

Applications are various, especially in smart buildings for energy saving, safety, security and assisted living.

Our first product is an optronic module including a far IR reactive matrix combined with optic and embedded processing, delivering presence, position, motion direction and number of people.

« Our vision, our team and our customers verbatim are the best arguments that we can give you to value, test and validate the relevance and the usefulness of our offer.

Driven by these values and this challenge, capture human behavior, our potential is huge. Step by step, our goal is to build up a strong and international player company. We target more than 60M€ by 2019, willing to be one of the biggest player in human behavior characterization company within the world.

I’m sure of the value of women and men that are working every day with me. I’m the conductor but I trust them, they are all high level collaborators. All together we are making these things happen.

All the team, I’m the first, is engaged every day in the way to the success in this exciting and promising adventure.

Let’s come with us in the futur world ! »

Sebastien Fabre CEO

Sébastien Fabre