IRLYNX invests in a new industrial facility and opens a factory in Tours


IRLYNX opens its new industrial facility in Tours (France). The company has been specializing in the design and production of advanced human-centric sensors since 2014. In response to the increasing demand from the smart building market, IRLYNX gets equipped with the latest generation of industrial inkjet printer for its infrared sensors’ production.

The machine was fine-tuned in close co-operation between IRLYNX and CERADROP’s technical teams, who adapted the inkjet deposit processes to IRLYNX’s specific technologies while matching the quality standards of industrial production lines.

By increasing its production capacities, the French company speeds up industrialization of its products in anticipation of sales forecasts of hundreds of thousand units.

This choice of a new innovative industrial pathway will allow IRLYNX to reduce its time to market and provide greater responsiveness to its customers.


IRLYNX develops infrared modules to detect and characterize human activity. Its sensors, low-cost and respecting users’ privacy deliver in real-time advanced data about true presence in a room, people counting, their location and trajectories.

These data open the way to pilot the building of tomorrow, by optimizing space, save energy, and improving users comfort and safety.


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