IRLYNX received the Espoir de l’économie reward from Schneider Electric.

Check the video about the Enterpreneurial Oscar.

In March 2015 took place the Entrepreneurial Oscar organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grenoble (FRANCE).

The start-up IRLYNX received the “Espoir de l’économie” reward from Schneider Electric.

“We are very proud of receiving such award from Schneider Electrics. As a major player of the smart building market, Schneider Electrics which is always looking for innovative solutions, has clearly appreciate our value proposal. With our advanced detectors of human activity, Schneider Electric envisions to better monitor and control building energy consumption; one of their major tomorrow challenge. For example, it is now affordable and possible to detect true human presence and count people in a room, to optimize lighting and ventilation power consumption for better occupants comfort and well-being.” Explained Sebastien FABRE, IRLYNX’s CEO.

IRLYNX started in June 2012 with a passionate and motivated team of 8 people serves several markets including smart-building, internet of things or assisted living. So whatever your use case is, please contact us right now to assess with our experts your needs and expectations. It’s a pleasure to be challenged !