IRLYNX wins the “Indoor Location Analytics” challenge organized by GE Digital

IRLYNX and GE Digital announce a new partnership within the “Digital Industry Europe” program, that was launched in September 2016 by GE Digital and the startup incubator Numa. This program is an open-innovation program aiming to build advanced data apps to solve industrial challenges. 56 startups applied for one of the program’s 5 challenges and were selected according to 3 criteria: the provided solution has to be innovative, compatible with Predix (cloud platform of GE), and attract interest of GE’ customers.

IRLYNX wins the “Indoor Location Analytics” Challenge which consists in providing advanced information on space usage (occupancy, people trajectories…) for smart buildings, especially for the office spaces and the retail sector.

IRLYNX will combine its expertise in detecting and characterizing human activity (people counting, localisation, tracking…) with GE’s Predix platform, to bring solutions perfectly matching Property Managers’ need for energy efficiency, user comfort and space optimization, as well as Store Manager’s need for accurate data on footprint, people’s trajectories and store layout.

"Indoor Location Analytics" challenge

Indoor Location Analytics » challenge – Predix application

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