One of IRLYNX differentiation is to offer a complete sensor module ready to be integrated into a wider system requiring thermal imaging solution (far infrared). The sensor module is made of:

1. a low cost PEHD optic

  • Working distance: depending on customer application, it ranges from 1m to more than 15 meters
  • Horizontal Field of View (HFOV): a large choice of optic addresses customer’s requirement from 30° to more than 120°
  • Far infrared compatible

3. a high-end low power micro-controller

  • Several power modes available: from the lowest power consumption one to the most responsive one

  • Various industrial interfaces to communicate with your application (UART, I2C, SPI, …)

exploded view of irlynx module

2. a low-cost uncooled pyro-electric detector array

  • Based on a unique thermal sensing technology (CMOS manufacturing process compatible)

  • Spatial resolution : from 16×16 pixels to more than 128×128 pixels

  • Thermal resolution : below 1°C

4. a bunch of advanced image processing algorithms

  • Up and ready for your most demanding challenges (see applications)

  • Scalable to fit your unique application requirements (please contact us for more details)


Low cost

Our recipe: a unique infrared technology completely compatible with standard industrial CMOS processes. It insures tremendous performances while being produce at the lowest cost possible.

All-in-one : OEM & system integrator ready

No need to be an expert in thermal infrared detection: IRLYNX modules pack all you need in one single module ready to be plugged-in and operated by your system application.


One of our goal is to provide the right solution to the right customer application. Say that, we will listen to your needs and adapt accordingly our several elements to answer precisely your demand.

Low power

For most end-user applications, power consumption is a crucial point to enable autonomous and environment friendly devices. Our modules are designed at the most early stages to take this constraint into account.


You do not have plenty of space available to add an infrared module. No matter, the complete module volume is as small as 1cm3.

No privacy or security issues

As no images are taken, IRLYNX modules do not have this issue. This is a serious advantage compare to visible imagers or high-end infrared imagers with high resolution.


Reduce your time to market

Your project is in a rush. No panic, ask your system architect to directly take into account the added value of our sensor modules to speed up your development time and target upcoming new markets where accurate infrared scene information are needed.

Increase market share

Want to gain market share by subtly answering customer’s expectations: let’s innovate! IRLYNX modules are a concentrate of the latest technologies at an affordable price. Our marketing positioning in between as per today the main players (micro-bolometers and thermopiles) is definitely a major techno-economic breakthrough. By integrating the performance of IRLYNX’s modules, you will commercialize brand-new products with added value – through new functions for new usages – competing with your most important market’s challengers.

Cut down your software development cost

Keep focusing on your core business without losing time and money developing the low level algorithms which are hardware related and rely on our specific image processing firmware functions embedded in our microcontroller. With IRLYNX built-in functions, you can easily analyze an infrared scene without being an expert in optic and embedded systems.