The endowment fund FOREIS financially supports IRLYNX

Grenoble, October 2nd 2014.

The endowment fund FOREIS financially supports IRLYNX.

IRLYNX (a startup based in Grenoble) specializes in the design and marketing of optoelectronic systems for detection and characterization of advanced human activity, has announced today that it had received the support of the endowment fund FOREIS, crossing a new stage in its development.

An agreement of financial intervention by FOREIS in IRLYNX company was signed in Paris on October 2nd, sealing the intentions of the endowment fund to accompany the start-up and its senior executives in the development of this high potential company.

« Beyond the recognition of the potential, the strength and the relevance of our value proposition and our technology, the confidence given by the board members and the investment committee of FOREIS is a true guarantee for our partners and customers.
Much more than a simple investment, this relationship has already enabled us to initiate and finalize industrial partnerships with major players in the field. It is important for a start-up to have the financial means, but also the means of access to the networks of policy makers to succeed. FOREIS brings us today the two. I am delighted to share this adventure with them » said Sebastien FABRE, President of IRLYNX.

« FOREIS is an endowment fund for the support and innovation of SMES in micro and nano-electronics industries. This non-profit ethic seed fund has been created at the initiative of the industrial of the entire semiconductors value chain, with the objective of general interest to assist in the creation of innovations and jobs in France, by providing financial support, tips, sponsorships and networking. The support of FOREIS must allow our entrepreneurs to validate their technologies and concepts, and then access to more important development funds to speed-up industrialization and worldwide product deployment. » added Jean-Yves Muller, the President of FOREIS.

About FOREIS :

The French industries of micro and nano-electronics evolve in a promising ecosystem: large groups, fabrics of innovative SMES & ETI, R&D laboratories of international dimensions and competitiveness poles of excellence. The main difficulties of SMES & ETI are access to financing, to major sponsorship groups and to evolve in an industrial flourishing network. FOREIS has therefore been created, under the will of SITELESC members, to support, in the general interest, innovation of SMES & ETI in the micro and nano-electronics industries. The stated objectives are 1) the support of microelectronics SMES in the startup phase, by becoming a type of label backbone, allowing a fast access to additional financial resources (leverage effect) and 2) the ethical management of available funds by investing in companies and innovative projects, creators of value and therefore guarantors in the long term of employment development and the maintenance of French technological skills.


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IRLYNX designs and sells optoelectronics systems for advanced detection and characterization of living beings activity. The high-tech start-up, based in Grenoble, offers to interactive systems manufacturers new opportunities to capture and understand the actions of their users at a lower cost, providing them new interactive uses. Backed by a unique and innovative technology of detection and analysis of human being heat, IRLYNX’s products simplify, make more reliable, and democratize the perception of men and animals by the surrounding everyday life objects in the cities and intelligent buildings for applications of energy saving, safety, security and assistance for individuals. IRLYNX is currently looking for financial partners to support its development and strong growth and to meet customer’s needs.


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